Christmas Craft

Make your own Christmas bonbon the jokes will be funny, the colour won't run in the hats and you can involve the whole family in making them!

You'll need:

. Quality tissue paper hats (see below)
. Cardboard rolls from foil, baking paper or plastic wrap or loo paper for smaller ones
. Glossy paper or foil wrapping to put around the crackers
. Ribbon (use two or three colours together)
. Stars and other Christmas stickers, glitter
. Scissors, sticky tape or glue
. Funny jokes (this is the hardest part!)
. Bonbon snaps (available from craft stores)
. Small trinkets suitable for each person eg: toy, spice satchet, flower seeds

Assembling your bonbons

. Put a folded hat, joke and trinket into each roll - let the kids decide. (you could personalise them)
. Cut paper about 2 times as long as each roll and wide enough to cover them completely, with some excess
. If using bonbon snaps, tape them to the outside of the roll. The middle of the snap should be in the middle of the roll, so a bit pokes out each end
. Place the roll in the centre of the paper, roll it up and tape down
. Tie ribbon at each end side and decorate with stickers and glitter

Making the hats

. Cut tissue paper into pieces about 60cm x 15cm ( make some bigger ones for big heads?)
. Tape the ends together securely
. Cut a zig zag pattern to make a crown-like top
. Decorate with stickers and glitter

Christmas jokes

Q: What do you get when you roll a herd of sheep down a hill?
A: A lambslide!

What do angry mice send to each other in December?
A: Cross mouse cards!

...boom, boom! Just Google 'christmas cracker jokes' and see what awful humour appears!

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