A4K News No 106 - 12th May 2009

Picnics in Autumn

When you have no commitments, then it's time to head out and enjoy the great outdoors. Go somewhere that you have never been.

Many councils will have information about what picnic areas are available and what facilities they have so always check before you go so that your lovely steak doesn't return home uncooked!

Five must haves on a picnic:
Balloons, plastic bags, first aid kit, loo paper and red frogs - guaranteed a great time!


Walks with KIDS

Start a conversation with your children, walking. It's a great way to get them to open up and tell you how life is going for them. Walk around the block, walk to the shops, take a bush walk, a beach walk or WALK to school! Walk to be healthy, walk to enjoy.
And remember - no ipods, it's about conversation!


Don't forget Walk Safely to School Day
this Friday around Australia
15th May 2009

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Know before you go
Young Media Australia is a unique national community organisation whose members share a strong commitment to the promotion of the healthy development of Australian children. Their particular interest and expertise is in the role that media experiences play in that development.

The Know Before You Go Movie Review Service provides descriptions of the content of movies, reviewed from a childís point of view. Qualified child development professionals review all G (General) and PG (Parental Guidance Recommended) movies as soon as possible after their release in Australia. Selected M (recommended for mature audience 15 years and over) movies which are likely to appeal to younger audiences are also reviewed.
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What happens to all the old uniforms and costumes?
Do you have a drawer or spot in the house filled with old dance costumes and ballet outfits, karate gear and sporting implements never to be used? What to do?
Does your local activity provider offer a second hand clothing option or rental of equipment.
Here is a great example that you could implement at your dance or karate school or where ever a uniform is required.

The Southern Academy of Dance's Parentsí Association runs a stall on the third Saturday of each term selling new and second-hand dance wear and dance shoes to their students. If someone wished to sell an item on the stall, they bring it along with their name and the price of the item clearly marked. The Parent's Association takes a 10% commission of the sale for fundraising. Donations of cakes and sweets are also appreciated to raise funds for the studio
It clears out your cupboard, assists the school with some easy fundraising and
recycles your item into another child's wardrobe!

  In the distant future
Where have all the hair elastics gone? Did someone steal the brushes, the socks - never a pair, the nail scissors, and anything else crucial at 8am in the morning? Who finished off the loo role and forgot to tell me, spread the last bit of vegemite and put it back in the cupboard, ate the last cornflake and resealed the box, used the last drop of milk and slotted it back in the fridge? Never anyone at my house, what about yours?
I can despair about these things often but it is all about training and patience, and retraining and patience and possibly nagging and patience and then one day in the distant future it happens. The elastics are on the brush handle on the dressing table, the socks get washed as pairs and never part and the nail scissors are in the right spot in the drawer. The loo role makes it into the bin, the vegemite jar is put in recycling (washed) and the cereal box is flattened, the milk carton rinsed and recycled and all of the latter four appear on the shopping list in the kitchen.
Happy Mother's Day!!

The St Vincent de Paul society Winter Appeal 2009 has commenced
The current economic climate, coupled with the cold weather and dark nights now upon us, will find many people in a situation that they are unable to cope with alone.  The Society is already seeing an unprecedented increase in the number of people turning to us for help.  Families are suddenly finding they canít afford to pay for simple things like food and clothes, and people are losing their homes due to spiraling debt.
Today, we want to help you see what statistics cannot show.  We asked some of the Australians we come into contact with every day, who have been overwhelmed by lifeís hardships, to contribute to a journal.  It would show one thing: what today meant to them.
We hope that by seeing this day through anotherís eyes, youíll help us show them that tomorrow can be different.

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  • Something new
    1. Glen Iris Gymnastics (M)
    2. Yamaha Music
    3. Nick Central Dreamworld
    What are fine motor skills?

    Fine motor skills are used for picking up and letting go of objects, using tools such as a pen or cutlery and manipulating objects in our hands. Fine motor activities include drawing, cutting, doing up buttons and shoe laces.

    Quote me:
    "Patience and delay achieve more than force and rage."
    ~La Fontaine

    Something different

    Start creating with Origami
    You can use all sorts of papers but here is a website with an amazing array to choose from.
    Origami Paper

    This is a great book to guide kids in the art of Origami

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